05 October 2013

Ungrateful wretches!

The mosaic project in Romford market "has had to withstand...the constant complaints of the stall holders."

See more of Tessa Hunkin's mosaics here.

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Susan Lenz said...

Love these public art mosaics and the fact that they have held up so well under the demands of a modern day market. My husband is traveling to England this coming week to watch our elder son, Mathias, who is a first soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet. He's dancing the role of the prince in Sleeping Beauty (one of six dancers in that part). When we travel to England, we often look for these special details. The tiles, the chimneys, the wrought iron gates ... you truly live in an enchantingly beautiful country.

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, especially with regards to my recently finished altered book, "Volume Nine: Hobbies to Irrigation". You asked a question as to whether the original book cover was too fragile for the z-bar hanging strip. The answer is, "Probably not" ... but why risk it? The cover is in fine shape but with the added weight of all the scroll-like pages stitched to felt and the need to have it hang in multiple locations over time, I thought it better to use the stretcher bar. Thanks for asking!