19 October 2013

Starfish "mosaic" cushion finished

As soon as I got home after the Mosaic Quilts workshop I carried on with finishing the project, adding the rest of the squares. What started out as basting to hold the layers together ended up as big-stitch hand quilting, and thus it languished for nearly a month, the stars having been picked out with machine quilting -
A recent flurry of studio reorganisation not only cleared enough space around the sewing machine for further work but also turned up the bondawebbed fabric from which the squares had been cut -
The next step was to make some piping -
and to put on a backing - hey presto, one cushion finished, one UFO vanquished -
Piping improves a cushion, imho, and next time I'll round the corners more. The spots of colour make a subtle but important difference -
As for the design as a whole - next time I'll pay more attention to the tonal value, rather than just the colour, and to the negative space.

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