06 January 2014

Arty books

Shelf candy, very handy -
Nicholas Jones (see more here)
Also I'm liking the black and whiteness of this sewn book -
See more of it at gerdiary.blogspot.com.

" Language transmutes into malleable material subject to construct new meanings outside the pages of a book" -
Mar Arza, Statement series (see more here)
"Connect", fabric tunnel book by Jane Merks (see more tunnel books here, and her fabric book made of found handkerchiefs here) -
Showing off old doilies
Carved books by Kylie Stillman, who also does interesting things inside plastic bottles -
Travel literature?? -
Onisim Colta (via; more here)
That's enough for now - if you want more, have a look here, which is where most of these pix and artists came from.

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