25 January 2014

Tiny houses

Love these little paper houses, seen on pinterest - but when the link is just "from etsy.com", how can you trace them back (to credit the maker) - or to buy? Frustrating!

Another frustration comes via the inbox - an e-newsletter from a gallery showing work in the current show, but it gives no clues about whose work the little houses are. I've looked up every artist mentioned (check out Viv Richards' collages and Anne Davies' paintings, even though neither is shown in the pic below) ...
The gallery has responded quickly to an email and says they are by Rowena Brown. Here's more of her work -
Have a look at her website for more info; the houses are available to buy, and their size ranges from 3cm to 7cm (just over 1" to just under 3").


casilda garcía archilla said...

Hi, Margaret: I like very much the firs tiny house. Thank you very much. I'll try to find the artist who made it.

Merna said...


Above are the paper houses. There is also a reference on the site to the instructions. They're wonderful, aren't they!

casilda garcía archilla said...

Thank you very much!