07 January 2014

Some natural history museums

Smithsonian (take the tour here)
Paris (via)
London (via)
Eton (via)
Oxford (via)
Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL, London
Edinburgh University (via)
Edinburgh (National Museums of Scotland) (via)
Harvard (Cambridge, MA) (via)
Zoological museum of Strasbourg, France (via)
Copenhagen, Denmark (via)
Berlin's museum features a glass gallery of specimens in jars
From Wikipedia: "Renaissance cabinets of curiosities were private collections that typically included exotic specimens of natural history, sometimes faked, along with other types of object. The first natural history museum was possibly was that of Swiss scholar Conrad Gessner, established in Zurich in the mid 16th century. The Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, established in Paris in 1635, was the first natural history museum to take the form that would be recognized as a natural history museum today. Early natural history museums offered limited accessibility, as they were generally private collections or holdings of scientific societies. The Ashmolean Museum, opened in 1683, was the first natural history museum to grant admission to the general public."

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