18 January 2014

Ludicrously small exhibition - call for entries!

Entries are invited to an exhibition at a Ludicrously Small Art Gallery. The work will not only be in the tiny gallery, but also in an illustrated catalogue, and it will be part of fundraising for a good cause.

The donated, tiny work of art can be in any medium - it will be for sale and proceeds will go to the Maudsley Hospital in South London.

The gallery will be open from 1st to 6th March within an exhibition at the Edmund Gallery in Bury St Edmunds. 

The Ludicrously Small Gallery is a converted doll's house - it's approximately 1/12th normal size, so maximum size of art work is 6" x 6". It's also possible to make artwork, again at scale, for the grounds outside the Ludicrously Small Gallery.

Entry forms are available from Sara Muzira - saralmuzira@gmail.com - who will answer any questions you have. The forms should be returned by 31 January.
Art work is to be delivered (or posted and received) by 14 February. 


Vicki Miller said...

this would be so cute to see

Annabel Rainbow said...

A very good cause - shall I pass the info on in the toh magazine?

Margaret Cooter said...

Annabel, spreading the word in a timely manner would help a good cause!