20 January 2014

Monday miscellany

See more mid-20th-century cutaway diagrams by Frank Soltesz and others here

Pascal Notation: a common practice in the computer world of using capitals to make multiple words strung together more readable

This made me smile (via)

Just as you suspected ... hidden sugars in processed foods, such as the nine teaspoons in a standard 330ml can of Coke, the six teaspoons in a Muller Crunch Corner strawberry shortcake yoghurt, and the six in a 375g portion of Sharwood's sweet and sour chicken with rice. A serving of Kellogg's Frosties contains four teaspoons and Heinz classic tomato soup has four teaspoons in 300g. (via)

The cheery neon trio shines out from the windowsill in an otherwise turbulent studio 

Coming up soon in the kitchen - potato scones - as seen here. Their Scandinavian cousins are lefse (one method of making them is here). Basic ingredients are potatoes, butter, and flour - not exciting in itself - it's all about the time and care taken to make them. And the toppings - sweet, or savoury?

Not for the faint-hearted - David Cata gives new meaning to the term "hand stitching" -

What makes a good zipper

Fire at Indian Hill (via theguardian.com)

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