19 January 2014

Cheerful things in the weekend studio

This lovely fellow sits beside the ironing board -
And this one in the window, along with the pincushion shaped like the world -
Elsewhere, a lovely box that may or may not be concealing a secret stash of chocolate, and a strange plant that quietly gets on with growing -
The origami flower, well faded, nestling in the christmas cactus -
 ... and the rest of my cactus/succulents collection -
 A bowl brought from Canada holds threads and a darning mushroom -
 ... and most cheerful of all, the fact that there is Work In Progress -
This is the third of the High Horizons series - as a warm-up I'm using bits of fabric that are lying around, like the grey silk organza that was stitched, gathered, and painted (sort of shibori) and later screen-printed with a road pattern. Numbers 1 and 2 in the series are quite different and are awaiting their bindings.


Living to work - working to live said...

Loving your top pic! It's a whippet! We have a house guest at the moment who is very similar!!

Vicki Miller said...

Yes, it reminds me of our puppy, who is 18 months, but still a skinny puppy whose ears are always popping up.
I love your textures in your new piece and love how you have used things that you are recycling