30 January 2014

"Museum labyrinth" - first thoughts

Waking up with an idea about a ball of thread going through a labyrinth (think Perseus and the Minotaur...), I thought it could be used to join museums by rolling out of the door of one and in the door of another - this would be filmed or an animated video. The logistics were daunting though - rainy steps and pavements, the ball of yarn in puddles, ugh ... could it roll through the museum? Could it be carried along, seemingly unrolling? What view would the camera get? Would it be possible to film in the museum? If not, what would be Plan B?

Trying out the "ball of yarn" at home, by taking photos of it going round corners and past bits of "scenery" -
Appalling photos - I immediately ordered a new camera, something that's been on my list for ages! Drawn as thumbnails, however, with words added (words that revealed themselves during the process of drawing), they yielded a few more ideas -

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