26 January 2014

Faces - in stitch

As we're doing two longer poses - and a "personal project" in the portraiture class, it might be possible to bring in a bit of stitching. How to approach it, though - where to start with the stitching, if you don't draw first? It's a very different way of working.
Priest, by David Hill, stitched on aida
"A nice cup of tea" by Shirley Nette Williams, stitched on teabags
One of Shirley Nette Williams' group of 50 stitched portraits, using a variety of materials and processes
Sue Stone uses dense stitching on clothing etc, but does the faces quite simply
A family portrait machine stitched by Harriet Riddell

Another by Harriet Riddell 
By Naomi Ryder
"Mark gets dressed" by Naomi Ryder
By Bernie Leahy - worth a closer look!
Front and back; by Cayce Zavaglia

Also have a look at how Annabel Rainbow does the faces on her quilts, eg here.

Shizuko Kimura's large, hand-stitched drawings are usually full-figure, or groups - here's a closeup of a face -
Detail from "Portrait of a textile worker", an amazing quilt made of clothing labels by Teresa Agnew -
Embroidered newspaper by Lauren diCioccio -
Mary Pal gets maximum mileage out of scrim -


KAM said...

Margaret thank you so much for this look at the "community" of artists creating wonderful portraits. Doing a bit of searching I have enjoyed reading about this great collection of folks who were unknown to me prior to reading your post. A great Sunday morning exploration for me.

Felicity said...

That "priest" portrait looks just like William Morris - I thought it was WM when I saw the thumbnail pop up on my blog list!