09 January 2014

Learn-to-sew course for beginners - free online

Here's the perfect opportunity to get to grips with needle and thread, if you haven't already - a free "leisure" course is offered by Pearson, an educational publisher, via the Quilters' Guild website - click on the "Love to Learn" option -
If you never learned the basics yourself, or have children or grandchildren or friends and neighbours who might be interested in stitching, then do please point them towards this programme, available free now (or try this URL: http://digital1.pearson.com/lovetolearn/courses/sewing-quilting.html).
"The course is divided into four units – each with projects that you can do whenever you like. The first unit will ease you in to basic sewing, before you get down to some more substantial projects in the second unit. After that, we'll be taking a look at patchwork and building towards a cushion. ... In our final unit, we will be going step-by-step through the process of making your own quilt. 
"Along the way are a few quizzes to check your understanding. One thing I'd recommend is having a needle and scrap fabric to hand whilst reading and watching, as the instructions will be so much easier to remember if you go through the movements." (from the introductory video).


Kathleen Loomis said...

Is this hand-stitching, as the photo implies?

Not sure I would ever advise a beginner who wanted to make a quilt to do so by hand.

Vicki Miller said...

The quilters in my little group only do quilting by hand and even though I am a free machine embroiderer, I often work by hand as it is portable and relaxing. This looks like a great course