16 January 2014

Unexpected fabrics

After an impromptu visit to Jerwood Space to see Open Forest, a small but interesting exhibition, we sat chatting over coffee and Brazilian carrot cake in their caf until the lights were being turned off. 
Out into the darkness we went, and on the way back to the tube we saw a sign on a big wire gate saying "Fabric Sale £3 metre" - I didn't have my camera with me (disaster!) or would have photographed it, so unlikely did it seem. In any case, in we went through the yard and past a room full of jumbled cardboard boxes and up some little stairs to find ourselves in a costume-making studio, a rather strange atmosphere with people silently sewing and trains rumbling overhead! There was a rack of bolts of cloth but as I had little cash in hand, what interested me was the remnants - they filled a bag -
Along with some "district line green" for tote-bag handles, there are sizeable lengths of pale cottons and three pieces of worsted wool, very useful for the Sewing Companions and Binders Keepers - and for some pouches I'm about to try out.
An unexpected end to an unexpected afternoon!

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