04 January 2014

Urban pigeons (of the textile variety)

First, the photo that started this train of thought - a City Pigeon by Karen Suzuki, seen at an art fair a year or two back. Her company, making one-offs and limited edition textile animals, is called Nameless Wonders -
Make your own London pigeon! This was a workshop held in the autumn - read about it here -
Along the same lines - though in a different way - this pigeon (by Chloe) is stitched too ... and it's a wood pigeon, which are often found in London gardens -
Handpainted and stitched, this wood pigeon by Emily Sutton is 31 cm long -
Not to forget the birds by Abigail Brown - this might be Temminck's fruit pigeon, which lives not in cities but on tropical mountain tops -
Moving into 2D, yet another wood pigeon (by Sami Teasdale) -
Next, a carrier pigeon designed by Ayame Kikuchi - and yes, it's a greetings card; it comes with a paper cage (see it here) -

Amanda Wright's stitched birds are on display at Goat Street Gallery in Fishguard; this pigeon (pic is from the gallery's website) is therefore not a London pigeon but something less harried, less care-worn, less alienated by city life -
To end, a link to a pinterest board - Fabric Art Birds - and another of (many!) photos of colourful birds, no dull urban pigeons among them though. (And if it's ceramic pigeons you're after, that's a different kettle of fish ... start here perhaps.)


Stitchinscience said...

What a great series to delve into Margaret. Thanks a lot.

Cindy Cooksey said...

I enjoyed looking at all these birds. Thanks!