02 January 2013

Bit of a dust-up

After a flurry of pre-xmas making, the "weekend" studio at Tony's needed a tidy-up. In fact it, like the studio at home, needed some serious consideration of what to keep and what to release.

I was pleased to clear the floor space in front of the shelves -
 (it went into an area of the room out of sight of the camera) - and then it was time to tackle the area with the cutting mat and my frequently-used supplies. It always looks worst before it gets better -
Not every box has been searched through, but things that have emerged include a "Linus quilt" started three or four years ago -
 and some "journey lines" pieces from two years ago -
They are in my "finish and donate" section. But since starting this clearup and tossout, I've got going on the "memory quilt", which led to a further detailed sorting to find suitable fabrics.

I'm thrilled to get to this stage -
Room to cut, radio on, and ready to sew! (And those shelves are looking less ragged as well.)

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