12 January 2013

Snapshot in time - desks

International Desk Day - is there such a thing? The pictures submitted to Jackie Morris's blog suggest that there could well be. She has subtitled the post "Nosing around in other people's spaces" and yes, this is a fascinating pastime...

"Don't tidy up first" she says. OK, I didn't -
My studio desk is the door taken from the adjacent cupboard, and the radiator under the window gives it the greatest of luxuries, under-table heating. It's set up for my daily(?) stitching, with a box of embroider floss, and the "scroll" itself kept tidily in a shoebox, keeping the newspaper in the dar as much as possible.

The newspaper lying on the left is for (a) reading (an article on Ian Sansom's book on the history of paper) and (b) inking (possible use in "the memory quilt"). The silk velvet patchwork was found in a bag recently - made about 20 years ago, intended for a cushion cover, and found to be raddled with moth holes . Now, it might become an ipad cover. 

Behind the jars of paintbrushes and pens is a clock. Also on the windowsil, a shoebox of inks. The mirror reflects the open door at my back (very feng shui!).

Somehow there is always a heap of boxes and papers at either end.

The items on the pinboards never seem to change.

The large window gives good light - bright above and warm below, those are two important things!

My computer desk, in a corner of the livingroom/kitchen, was also not tidied up.
Under it is my Road Rug - the radiator is under the window, so warmth and light are close at hand. The desk was raised with blocks of wood when the family computer sat on it and my 6'5" son used it ... that central drawer made it hard to get long legs under the desk. In the end it was easier to move the big screen etc into his room. I seem to be spending more time at this desk than the studio desk, at the moment anyway...

The desk chair comes from my old workplace - they squished everyone into a smaller space and changed the colour of the furniture, and I filled a taxi with some of the old chairs. It continues to squeak a little, just like it did in the office all those years ago.

The black notebook is on its way back into my handbag - it goes everywhere with me, and I try to write in it, or draw in it, every day. Between it and the computer is a bag of wool and a half-finished crochet teacosy - it's good to have something to hand for watching the iplayer or other stuff on screen.

The painting on the bookshelf is by Jean Davey Winter, and the calendar on the wall is where I keep track of things. It's a bit small and in the wrong place, but came free with the newspaper and has some great photos.

Also on the shelves are my collection of Persephone Books, a place to put leaflets collected at exhibitions, and the remains of my 150+ cookbooks, few of which I use nowadays.

The side table is a sort of magazine holder, found in an antiques barn somewhere in the Scottish Borders when we stopped the car to stretch our legs. It's where the bills etc get filed, and the bowl on it collects "stuff" that is temporarily(?) without a home. The lamp in the foreground needs the bulb replacing. Having the top of that table clear is a joyous thing.

The desk drawers hold a multitude of sins!

Every item has its story, its meaning in our lives. If you have your desk on your blog, or stories of the items in your life, do leave a comment with the link.

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