15 January 2013


(image from here)
The piece is more beautiful for being broken.

The understanding of this is part of kintsukuroi.

So is the actual art of repair with gold or silver lacquer.

More mending: this tea bowl (16cm diameter; image from here) was made in the 15th century and repaired (yobitsugi repairs) with 18th century porcelain -
Read about the careful process of mending, and see more beautiful ceramics, in this catalogue from a 2008 exhibition at the Lacquer Museum in Muenster.


sociedaddediletantes.blogspot.com.es said...

Did you see this post, Margeret:



Diane-crewe said...

so beautiful x

Unknown said...

Can this be used on glass as well, or just pottery?

Unknown said...
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Margaret Cooter said...

Can it be used on glass ... no idea, I'm afraid! Perhaps you can get an idea of what's involved in the process from the essays in the catalogue (link in post) and combine that with what you know about glass. It could look very beautiful!