05 January 2013

Colours of the decade

(image from here)
Color experts Pantone have a color of the year every year.  Here you can see how Pantone’s year picks reflect (or were reflected by) colors that appeared on fashion runways.

Which year reflects (or is reflected by) your wardrobe? I seem to have quite a bit of 2002, among the 49 shades of grey and black that make up the contents of mine. Time for an upgrade? there are still a few days of The Sales left, with Final Reductions now available. 

This spring's colours include emerald and poppy red; last fall's colours don't seem all that different ... but a nuance means a lot, colour-wise (signature colour for fall was "fiery orange"). -
(image from here)
(image from here)
And the colour of the year for 2013? Emerald (from here) -

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Jane Housham said...

How interesting. I didn't know Pantone announced a colour of the year. Cool.