16 January 2013

Quilt in progress - small version

After making some "small, dull" blocks and using them on the quilt that's laid out waiting to be stitched to a background, I laid the remainder out with a few of the larger leftovers and came up with this:
After some rearrangement, it's now backed with some prequilted fabric - stab stitches hold the layers together - and is currently undergoing handstitch embellishment. It's about 40cm high.

While stitching, I've been musing on the title, currently "Memory Maintenance" or "Maintaining Memory". The thesaurus gives these varieties of "maintain" - permanence, continue, sustain, support, assert, preserve - and additionallly for "maintenance", assistance, wealth. All these nuances seem relevant - yet the title doesn't seem quite right. "Mending Memories" is another combination of words that comes to mind - and I've added a red "mending" thread to some blocks, but that title is also just-wrong. Ah, it will come.......

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