03 January 2013

Reminder system

If you constantly wear jeans you might want to try this idea, which I found in one of those organising email newsletters (one version of escapist reading...).

"When I worked away from home, many things would come to mind while I was working, that needed to be done and I was rarely near my purse to find pen and paper. I started carrying a packet of 3 x 3 sticky notes in my right hand pocket along with a pen.

"When I would think of something, I would stop, write my note, pull it off, and fold it in half so the sticky stuck to itself, and then placed it in my left hand pocket. When I got home from work, I would pull out all my notes, write them down in the appropriate places (like my calendar or planner) and stick the notes to the bedroom mirror. As I completed the tasks, I would take them off the mirror and toss them."

Maybe you won't want to have the mirror cluttered with sticky notes ... but the portability of the small pad, and the little habit of checking the left pocket, those aspects certainly appeal to me, even if I'm only in the next room rather than "away from home".

1 comment:

Linda Bilsborrow said...

One of my notes would have to say:
"Empty your pockets before washing!"