08 January 2013

Work in progress - memory quilt

25 squares are waiting to be used (or not used) in a piece that now has a name - "Maintaining Memories" - the MM quilt.

All text so far is from the Family section of the weekend Guardian, which contains a lot of apt combinations of words for the types of memories that might be important to a person. I've tried not to manipulate them too much, and one factor that mitigates against a careful choice of words to make "a story" is that I work on two or more squares at once, running on the machine stitching. Some lines of text are merely woven in among the stitched ones, to be handsewn with red thread (or maybe black thread...) later.

The blocks range in size from 4" (10cm) to 8" (20cm). They are turning out rather brighter than I thought - time to experiment with some darker papers, or partially inking the newspaper pages.

The irregular edge is a possibility for the finished piece - it was cut out of the photo with the Polygonal Lassoo tool in Photoshop, and then by using Select - Inverse and Levels, the background was made white.

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