19 January 2013

Lightning in art

Seeing this painting by David Inshaw -
 seen moments after this print by David Hockney
From David Hockney's Weather series (1973); image from here
sent me looking for other paintings and prints with lightning in them. Actually, it was a matter of trying to find a better quality pic of the Inshaw painting on the web - and finding he'd painted lightning several times -
Lightning and chestnut tree by David Inshaw (image from here)
Storm over Silbury Hill by David Inshaw (image from here)
What other paintings countain lightning?
David Jay Spyker, Heartland (Prospecting for Gold) -  (image from here)
That man in the boat is an uncomfortable reminder of the time we were on  the narrowboat in a particularly flat bit of countryside, the tallest thing around, with a storm overhead ... Cap'n said there was nothing to be worried about, but did he believe that? It could have been like this painting by the same artist (from here) -
Asylum (The Refugee) by David Jay Spyker
Something completely different -
Moses Fry, Rainwater Dreaming - seven dreamings following a lightning storm (image from here
And now, something from the wilds of Canada -
Lightning Canoe Lake by Tom Thompson (image from here)
and elsewhere -

Thunder Storm and Lightning by Clement Tsang (image from here)
Mountain Landscape with Lightning by Jean-Francois Millet (image from here)
John Martin's huge apocalyptic scenes usually have a bit of lightning - here's just one such (see, and read about, more of his apocalypses here) -
John Martin, The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (1852)
Moving into photography -
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lightning Fields (image from here, where there are other such)
and into abstraction -
Lightning for Neda by Monir Sharoudy Farmanfarmaian (image from here)
There's more, much more - but that's enough for now!

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