23 July 2014

Ancient trees

From Nineveh - murals from the palaces of Sennacherib (630-620 BC) and Ashurbanipal (c.645BC); now the Assyrian reliefs are in the British Museum.

 Outside the museum, trees look much as they always did -


Helen Cowans said...

I read via Newsblur, a good reader but no way to comment easily, so often I don,t, but I had to revert to Safari to say that you've picked one of my favourite areas of the BM. Stunning art and usually no mass school parties!

Eleanor Levie said...

All of the trees are graceful, lyrical! Thank you, Margaret, for reminding this contemporary art snob that ancient art has inspiration aplenty. I was planning on concentrating on the Tate Modern and V&A when I visit London next month...Eleanor Levie, Philadelphia

casilda garcía archilla said...

Qué bonito!. Thank you for share the trees