05 July 2014

Daily painting project - new this week

Last week I was lamenting not trying anything new. This week I had to remedy that ... and happened to notice the way the orange sang through from the back when the stripey painting had been sanded yet again -
Not sure if you can see it in this photo - maybe in the yellow, top left of centre, or in the blue, bottom extreme right?
Anyway, in conjunction with the results of colour application in the Structural Textiles course, it brought to mind a midnight sky with stars - with constellations - maps of constellations - and here are the first two attempts to put on paper what is in my mind .... the orange making a halo of the "stars" in the dark sky ...

Really tricky to photograph!! And ... how DO you paint stars?? What you can't see is the lines connecting the stars that make up the constellation, which I've scratched (embossed?) into the orange layer that went down first. (Those lines are important in showing the constellations.) The words are scratched through the blue-black paint mixture with the end of the paintbrush.

It's not quite "my vision" yet ... a little more work, some lateral thinking....

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