02 July 2014

From the embroidery book collection

Getting out some embroidery books
... and then putting them away, I couldn't resist opening one or two to a random page. "Celebrating the Stitch" continues to be a favourite (it was published in 1991 and I've looked at it a fair few times over the years). 

Today it opened to "Thinking about... the role of the stitch" and this quote by B.J. Adams:

"Most people are more comfortable with a stitch than a brush stroke. Maybe that's why it hasn't, in most instances, been recognized as a 'fine-art' technique in the same way the painted brush stroke has."

She also said - "The stitches are now the medium to draw/paint the designs. The whole piece is stitches, stitches, stitches, to the point where they may be disregarded, except for their texture."

She celebrated a significant birthday by making 80 artworks, 8" square, on a variety of subjects - see them at http://www.bjadamsart.com/80at80.html -

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