07 July 2014

Monday miscellany

Last week included Canada Day (1 July). What do you know about Canada? Take the quiz ... but bone up on inventors, actors, sport and singers first ... have a browse in The Canadian Encyclopedia.

And if it happens to be art you're interested in, check this list of Canadian artists, among whom is Betty Goodwin (1923-2008) -
Two Vests by Betty Goodwin (soft-ground etching, 1972)
Another of my favourites is David Milne (1892-1953) -
Glass Jar by David Milne (watercolour on paper, 1943)


Yummy french knots and satin stitch -
by Stephanie Sykes, 2006 (via)


150 years of named clouds ... a celebration near the home of Luke Howard, "the father of meteorology" - well, it has passed, but meteorology is a good thing to commemorate - the clouds are always with us, and how various they are! This pic is from The Londonist's alert to the event -


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