28 July 2014

More slip-dipped textiles from the kiln

Mixed fabrics - the dark colour is metallic organza

Once dipped, the fabric must be re-formed

Flat pieces, stitched, gathered, steamed, released

Close-up, threads left in  (10cm high)

Underneath, the porcelain puddles and sand from the firing tray sticks

Netting has kept its fragile detail

Folded paper, heavily stitched

This work started almost by accident, when I tried dipping folded papers into slip and then looked for ways to help them keep their structure -

followed up in a recent ceramics short course -

I have to think about why (apart from the sheer pleasure of seeing what happens, what to try next) I'm making these objects. They are accumulating on the top of my bookcase, gathering dust, and more are stashed in boxes.

Although I write about the process of making, I find them inexplicable. Which is slightly worrying ... and yet it's not worrying at all ...


magsramsay said...

I'm loving the results of your 'what if' processes. Does it have to be anything but itself? That said , those flat folded, stitched pieces remind me so much of ripples in sand etc - is there anyway they could be intergrated with texile pieces? I'm thinking of some of the work of Alice Fox and Debbie Lydon. It would make a far more interesting display in the 'Quilt Creations' category than most.

Connie Rose said...

These are amazing! Remember those Lalique figures with netting from the 1950s?