05 July 2014

Large Sketchbook - week 8

Penultimate class ... it would be good to have the sketchbook filled, but if I keep adding extra pages that isn't going to happen! The extra pages extend outside the book and fold in at various points - it makes for a complex structure and many different juxtapositions.
Some cutting on the left, some painting on the right
The back of the cut page - something for photocopying next time
The crescents  came from the newspaper that was used as a cutting mat
A bit fiddly - but the white paint holds them down
It took hours to get this far
The right-hand page needs developing

This right-hand page might be ok the way it is - when the left page flaps back,
the spread is all white
The page is flapped back and opened to the previous spread
Simple cutouts are more effective! Look what happens when the pages curl.
Photocopies of rollered textures, made through stencils
Colour, cutouts, scale, materials - great!
Enlarged, with some collage and paint for the heads - ready for details of the bodies
It's salutary to see how large and bold people are working. I've got into small again and must make an effort to be bold without being messy, large without being pressured to fill the book with "just anything".

Also we're working back to the drawings we made at the start of the course - which are very different from the drawings made in the cast courts.

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