10 July 2014

Poetry Thursday - At the End of Every Field by Teng Qian Xi

"Galloping to the end of / Every field" (via)

She calls me a wild horse.
Either that or I’m a kite breaking from its string.
This is when she is angry and sees me
Galloping to the end of
Every field before levitating into
The sky and herself
With a stunned empty
Rope in her hand
Like the one they scissored
When my breakable child bones
Came pushing from her body years ago.
Teng Qian Xi (from here)

Having recently seen the Icelandic film "Of Horses and Men", I found the wild horse image resonant, andalso enjoyed the story that went with the image of the galloping horse.

Teng Zian Xi is a Singaporean poet who majored in comparative literature at Columbia University, graduating in 2006 - by then she'd won several poetry prizes. She published They hear salt crystallizing in 2010.

You can read more of her poetry online - here and here for a start.

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