08 July 2014

"Why did I take this picture?"

Not much of interest here ... I could remember that it was taken in passing, from a bus, and knew the building, but it took me a while to figure out what I was trying to capture. Ah yes, the hollyhocks! Unfortunately they are in the shade and hardly to be seen -
For many years, when I worked just around the corner from St Pancras Parish Church, the hollyhocks grew thick against the fence and I took photos of them with the morning sun shining through -  this pic by Adam Clark gives a better sense of their colour and stature, and that's one of the caryatids on the church's erichtheion porch (1822) -
So the photo brings all that back for me ... and as well, closer examination shows things in it that make this snap not entirely a dead loss -
The air of mystery added by the strong sunlight
The crisp shadows of leaves
But that's scraping the barrel, rather - another photo for the recycling bin...

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