14 September 2012

And that's all!

at the start of the day - textile-people in London and elsewhere waiting to be added
by evening - visitors to the exhibition ready to make the final layer
8pm - time to close the show
The big red ball of connection - the story of my life (so far) - is finished: on time and on budget.
at the start
history of a life
The show is over - and it's official, we are artists, we have the bit of paper that proves it. 

I'd like to reflect on the entire process, but am kinda tired. Over 300 visitors wrote their names in my book, and though I really enjoyed talking to them, I've now run out of words - and thoughts.

Today we take down the show. You can see the work of the other students on the camberwellmabookarts site.


Sandy said...

Well done. You deserve a break now. and I knew you would have enough of the yarn...after all, you have years ahead!
All the best and big hugs,

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

This is a wonderful piece and I appreciate your sharing the process and your thoughts! Bravo.

Kathleen Loomis said...

and you didn't run out of yarn!

Margaret Cooter said...

Not running out of yarn is a bonus - I like to think there's further life (and possibilities - not to mention surprises) left.... m

irenemacwilliam said...

Well done and congratulations Margaret. Onwards and Upwards now.

I love the mini pictures of the ball, they look like a piece of work when seen en masse.

I wonder now what threads of life we will be following on your blog. Look forward to that.

A sad time as your community of fellow artists go their own ways.

All the best Irene MacWilliam

irenemacwilliam said...

What is the weight of the ball, what is its future?
Irene MacWilliam