27 September 2012

Market, Arles

The Saturday market is huge, all the way down the long main street and up a few side streets too - food at one end, "stuff" at the other, and people shuffling and jostling all the way down. 
"Barbary pears"
Jeans, of course
Linen, 10 euros a metre
Sisal bags, perfect for the suitcase-overflow
 I was pleased to find some "ananas" tomatoes - the dense yellow ones - they're amazing (but expensive) -
Elsewhere, ordinary tomatoes were less than a euro a kilo.


Olga said...

It has been many years since I was last in Arles, and your posts have certainly made me want to return soon. I also enjoyed seeing the Advanced Textiles class's work. I do so wish that there were clones of the City Lit out in the Provinces! Places like Farnham College of Art (University of the Creative Arts or somesuch)and Winchester School of Art (Southampton University now) have even stopped their short courses. Hey ho.

patty a. said...

I stopped at the picture of the lovely linen by the meter. Gosh, I love linen! I wish we had a market like this where I live.