30 September 2012

Greenwich Park

My aim was to do some healthy walking, but the shadows were long and the wind was nippy, so I stood in the sun under a sweet-chestnut tree to warm up, and with a little spontaneous choreography, made some tame, ephemeral, barely noticeable, soon-to-be-erased-by-wind-etc "land art" -

As well as good views of the Thames and the London skyline, the park has some wonderful huge trees -
They include a "Queen Elizabeth oak", which is thought to have been planted in the 12th century. For many centuries it was hollow, and even used as a lockup for miscreants disobeying park rules. It was held up by ivy until it all collapsed in 1991 -
In 1992 the little tree behind it was planted; it's now about 20 feet (6m) tall. Give it a few hundred years...

Greenwich is of course famous for the Prime Meridian, and for the Old Observatory (the building on the right) -
I wandered round an "introduction to astronomy" display in the building on the left and encountered some interesting meteorites, more of which later perhaps.

And some seasonal flowers - great swathes of them, marvellous -

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