13 September 2012

What is needed now

Today is the final day of the show, and I'll be adding the final layers of the "book of my life":  names of people I've met through art, textile, etc courses and through the quilting groups I continue to belong to, including online groups. These names all have to be written on slips of paper before I leave for college.

The final layer of the big red ball will consist of the names of everyone who has kindly signed my book during the show - encounters that have led to some extremely interesting and enriching conversations.

Today is the last time I'll be printing off yet more of my little cards - I seem to be getting through about 50 a day -
And the many batteries used up in the LED lights are going into the special battery disposal box at college.
As well, the battery charger has been in use constantly. Even so, the lights that make The Blue Distance glow haven't kept the desired brightness - next time, a different system is needed.
The red ball is getting hard to handle. And the yarn is getting used up ever more quickly as the circumference increases - will there be enough??

1 comment:

Olga said...

It is appropriate that your yarn should start running out over the latest names, which are still fresh in your memory.

Congrats on the blue yonder. It so looks a beautiful work even in thumbnails.

You certainly deserve a break - a change of scene - a lifting of all pressure; but I am sure that Arles will not be leaving your imagination to rest! Have lots of fun.