19 September 2012

Irons and boats

Sufficient unto the day the evil thereof, is that how it goes? I thought some of these looked evil, and most of the rest looked unpleasant -
They resemble hi-tech trainers (running shoes), and the big white plastic boats that you see on the lower Thames (and elsewhere of course) - but you don't see them on the upper Thames because there's a low bridge round about Oxford that holds back the gin palaces and lets the nice little narrowboats go pleasantly upstream. Some of both, in Docklands -
Pic is from here, where you can see more about narrow-boating on the Thames in the London area (and elsewhere, on canals).

Back to irons - what did they look like "once upon a time"? While looking for the irons that I remember from my childhood, I found this scary thing -
and also some lovely streamlined ones (from here)
This one looks like top-of-the-range mid-70s - the "extra steam" button was new then -
But I'm looking for the non-steam kind; my mother had a bottle of water with the a "rose" to use for sprinkling the clothes. I inherited that rose, and would add a photo if I could find it, but it was put away somewhere for safekeeping (as you do....)

Ah, here it is - complete with a tale (and photo) of sprinkling with a tin sprinkler stopper -

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