03 September 2012

Make your own business cards

Why pay ££ for a batch of hundreds of cards - when you can easily make them at home as needed?
Sarah needed some business cards to give out at her market stall, where she's selling her etchings - so she cut up an unsuccessful print and simply wrote her details on the back. (The paper is too thick to go through the printer.)

I have a template ready and printed the back of some "journey lines" screenprinted pages, then did a little snipping and interlocking - the "fish" flatten down, and the cards show the back side of the page as well as the contact details.

Each card is a unique little artwork. The etchings especially.

ps - it's been brought to my attention (thanks, Judy!) that Thomas Heatherwick, the designer, made his own business cards for his MA show thus:
Using his kitchen stove and a specially created branding iron, he branded his name and details onto the wooden sticks used by doctors to depress your tongue.  Then he made chocolate-dipped icecream lollies on the sticks.  It took him four weeks, working overnight at a local icecream factory.


Connie Rose said...

Very cool! I've been making my own business cards for over 20 years, printing them on my inkjet printer on paper I love, printing 100 or less at a time (good idea since something about my info seems to change every year or two), with an added flourish of gold paint, and hand cut by me. Works like a charm.

Waseem said...

I have Order Business Cards of my own...I wish they look alike.

Zmalik said...

It`s better to save money but for as concern to plastic cards i think not better to take risk they represents the profession and builds image of company...

jelly andrews said...

So cute! It is really a good idea to make DIY cards especially if you are really creative. I guess imagination together with creativity and determination would result to an amazing business card.