05 September 2012

Before the event

Thank you, friends, for your good wishes, both via email and in the post -
It's a strange sort of day, waiting for the Big Event of the exhibition opening ... for a few hours it will all be frantic activity and loads of people milling about, and then ... what ...

Copies of the catalogue will be for sale at the show - it's a "proper book" with a page made by each student, and a foreword written by the course leader, Susan Johanknecht -
We've set up a blog, camberwellmabookarts.blogspot.co.uk, showing our work.

I've had the haircut and painted the toenails, and am off to college now, to deal with the finishing touches -- taking the assessment material out of the space, turning on the lights in The Blue Distance, and starting work on the Big Red Ball of Connection - which I'll be continuing between 12 and 2pm, and from 5pm to 7pm (or 8pm) throughout the show. (Not quite sure what I've taken on there... we'll see....)


Sandra Wyman said...

Good luck or Hope it Went Well - whichever is appropriate for when you red this!

Kathleen Loomis said...

Congratulations! you're finally getting to the end of the journey