16 September 2012

One thing leads to another

A quilt shown in the SAQA weekly email newsletter led to looking up the work of Nancy Bardach

I googled her (mistakenly as "Barlach", it turns out!) and was intrigued by this image on the page of results
Which led to Pence Gallery site archive, on which was another intriguing object - booklike this time -
It turns out to be the work of ceramicist Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk ... which led back to google. An image amid the results when googling Prodaniuk led to the dailyartmuse blog, showing Abigail Brown's birds (Prodaniuk also does birds) -

Thence to the spiral image below, which led to a pinterest site ... clicking on it

... I found these pencils made from recycled newspaper -
At which point I found out my original mistake, and by the time I'd looked at Nancy Bardach's work (and written this post) an hour had passed ... and now it's time to stop and do something vaguely useful.

Next week, it's off to the south of France - I'll take my ipad so as to have internet access, but as I haven't got to grips with blogging on this uncongenial device, the posts for the duration are some saved drafts that finally will see the light of day.


indigocarole said...

Margaret, even more of a coincidence. I've just bought a box of coloured pencils for my grandson. I thought they'd be a nice little stocking filler. They were from The Paperie.

I've enjoyed watching your work evolve over the last year. Have a good holiday.

Sandy said...

Have a great holiday! Sandy