25 September 2012

Domestic landscape

It's always strange to get back from holiday; you see everything as you left it, and wonder why the physical landscape of home hasn't changed at all, because your mental landscape has been totally Other while you've been away.

My domestic landscape has undergone some radical changes while I've been away. The "it'll do" bedroom 
is being turned into something wonderful - warm and wonderful as insulation is added, the radiator moved, and that eaves space (all 3.4 metres of it) turned into storage. And I'm really looking forward to having smooth walls (goodbye woodchip wallpaper!) and the orange wood shelves becoming white. 

This transition isn't being achieved without pain. You might be able to see 6'5" Thomas folded up into the far end of the future storage space, attaching plasterboard -
There's obviously a lot more plasterboard needing attaching in the rest of the room. The electrics and pipes are all in place - the rest "will be pretty quick to do" - apart from time needed for the new plaster to dry.

Meanwhile I can start sorting out what will move from the studio (/carpentry shop) up to the storage here. Is there room for a sewing machine in a corner?

1 comment:

Rayna said...

How lovely to be getting new space! Ha - I am sure you can find room for a sewing machine in the corner!