02 October 2012

Art I like - Jill Townsley

A simple idea that opens up other possibilities - the writing and erasure, the layering and melding, in Jill Townsley's "Satie 840" -
This is part of a selection of artists' working dealing with making and mending on the Axis website, axisweb.org

Jill Townsley says of her work: "My work is often large in scale, installation or temporary, though the physical action applied to its construction is generally excruciatingly repetitive. I am interested in the subjective results of repetitive action, such as ‘failure', ‘temporality', ‘erasure' and 'authorship'. Recent work has utilised time-lapse animation or video, in the quest to reveal the repetition of process through time."

"Excrutiatingly repetitive" - ah yes!

A 2009 work shows the accumulation of the tracks of a computer mouse - watch it at www.jilltownsley.com/#/2009/4542585747
She currently has a solo exhibition in Washington DC.

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