09 October 2012

Book du jour - return to the blue distance

It's been a while, getting back to making books. After reading "Why handwriting matters" in the newspaper on Sunday, I started yearning for my blue distance ... and rewrote another copy of "Something is always far away".

Once one side of the tracing paper is written, the writing on the back suddenly brings it into the realm of blueness -
 And when several pages are written on both sides, the blue deepens -
The pen used for this was bought from a limited selection, and is somewhat on the sky-blue side; I prefer a pen that has a bit of an indigo cast to it.

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Janice PD said...

Ahhh, now I know why you envy my vintage rag cotton onion skin paper! I love your books. I have some older Tabellae Ansatae volumes and I am always blown away by the proficiency of book artists. Thanks for reading my blog and for posting about Dominie Nash.