23 October 2012

Down by the riverside

 On a recent Sunday, after revisiting the "meteorite" section of Patrick Keiller's show at Tate Britain (that's Full Stop by John Latham at the back), and the Vija Celmins room with her drawings and prints of infinite things, like the surface of the sea and the sky at night -
we walked into town along the river, past the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, and found some things we'd not seen before.

In order of appearance - a huge monument to the Battle of Britain -
 another huge monument, topped by a golden eagle, to the air forces of the Commonwealth and Empire in WWI and WW2 -
The view under Hungerford Bridge -
We have Joseph Bazalgette to thank for the sewers, drainage, and pumping stations -
 And WS Gilbert (it was Sullivan, the composer, who got the knighthood; Gilbert's words did not please people in high places...) - "His foe was folly and his weapon wit".

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