05 October 2012

"Blue Distance" in Kiev

Work from the Camberwell book arts degree show has travelled to Kiev Book Arsenal and is currently on display there. Thanks, Egidija, for taking the work and looking after it! It looks like an amazing show - 150 events on ten sites....
the venue
lots of space and lots of visitors
work by Di Suo
work by Xizhi Li
Things aren't displayed as they were in the degree show - so "Lost in the Blue Distance" has lost its lights and it's eerie blue glow - but I like this possibility too - 

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Connie Rose said...

The work looks great there.
I don't know why, it must be some kind of deeply embedded cultural racism, but every time I see photos of modern life in former soviet countries, I'm surprised that things don't look a whole lot different than they do in the west ~ lots of art, young people, hip culture, etc.
Of course, living on the Left Coast of America, it's more difficult to imagine real life in "exotic" European places than it might be if I lived in, say, London.