27 October 2012

Berlin breakfasts

The first time we went to Cafe BilderBuch for breakfast, I had "Hase und Igel" - hare and hedgehog - which consisted of a hard cheese and two kinds of cream cheese to spread on those yummy seeded rolls, and amid the usual breakfast vegetables of tomato, cucumber and carrot (and lettuce to rest a huge pat of butter on) are olives.The fruit consists of grapefruit, orange, and pineapple. What lets it down rather is the packaged portion of jam. The cost? €4.50; coffee is extra.
On another visit we had two kinds of cheese, two kinds of sausage, a slice of ham, the usual veg, and plum, melon, orange, grapes and pineapple. We both struggled to finish (those rolls are substantial).
The view from my seat in the back room, before the place filled up. By 10am you needed a reservation, and the room was buzzing with conversation.

They serve breakfast till 11pm ... see the menu here. I wish you could get breakfasts like that in London - it sure beats a greasy fry-up!

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