02 October 2012

Taken (subject to collection)

I had a rug to give away on Freecycle - my bedroom rug -
With some reluctance - the rug was purchased in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in...hmm...1982 - to replace one loaned to us, which was a "real" persian rug - wool and worn. This one sort of had that persian-patterning look - and when we came across it, it was seriously on sale, reduced from (I think) $427 ... but I can't remember what we actually paid for it ... 

It's made of some sort of synthetic, but is nice and thick and not too nasty-feeling. That rug turned out to be indestructible, because 30 years later it isn't looking at all worn. It has lived at 9 Purcells Cove Road, Halifax; 43 Norreys Avenue, Oxford; 16 Sparsholt Road, London N19; and "here". 

There was a lot of interest in the rug. Nothing venture, nothing win -
It seemed fair to wait a day and then to ask my impartial assistant to draw a name from "a hat" - 
Life's a lottery. (Even if your name is there twice, by some mistake, you might not win.) 

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