04 October 2012

London Transport poster sale

Spare copies of London Transport's poster collection will be auctioned today at Christies - over 300 posters dating from 1913 to 1955. Expected prices are upwards of £800. The slideshow is here and the e-catalogue is here .
Some of my favourites -

 The English weather is probably the major theme -

That set of four is badly lit for photography - here's a closer view of some of the mythic elements running through the collection -
The one I would have taken home is this, by Marc Fernand Severin -
I love the shots of colour among the audience - impossible to photograph through the glass -
On the London Transport Museum's site you can search the collection by artist, theme, date, and colour. Many delights await you there.


Connie Rose said...

God, I love those posters!!

Jane Housham said...

I love these too. You can buy the one you like best as a reproduction -- my Mum had it.