20 October 2012

Why read?

"girl reading" by Vanessa Bell
You can do it anywhere -
"Grace reading at Howth Bay" by Sir William Orpen
At any time -
Artist: Edward Cucuel (found here)
(In stolen moments, why not?) -
Artist: Coles Phillips (found here)
Alone or in company -
(found here)
Fact: Reading can make you a better conversationalist.
Fact: Neighbours will never complain that your book is too loud.
Fact: Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected. You'd better read.
Fact: Books have stopped bullets - reading might save your life.
Fact: Dinosaurs didn't read. Look what happened to them.


Mai-Britt Axelsen © said...

So true, just love reading! And now back to my book..............

Anonymous said...

'Knowledge by osmosis..." I should paint this in four feet letters on my daughters' bedrooms.

Sandy said...

Love the illustrated commentary today!
and the dinosaur fact. :)

reensstitcher said...

I like the comment about books stopping bullets. My grandfather's life was saved at Gallipoli when a bullet hit the bible he was carrying in his backpack.

Linda said...

Fact - as much as I love my technology, nothing beats a book.

Currently reading ' Affinity' by Sarah Waters and disappearing into the book!

carrie said...

oh this is great, Margaret. As a junior school librarian would you mind if I used this idea for my World Book Day 2013 displays?

Many thanks


Margaret Cooter said...

Caroline, feel free to use the idea!