21 October 2012

Northala Fields

As you head west out of town on the A40, through the flat conurbation, you see some great green hillocks beside the road. They were formed from the rubble that once was the old Wembley Stadium (1924-2000) and from (I read somewhere else) the soil dug out in the construction of Westfield Shopping Centre, of which the less said the better.
Walking round the hill to the top, you suddenly hear the noise of the road; walk on, it gets quiet again.
 On the other side of the hillocks is Northala Fields, opened in 2007, with walks and ponds and bits of art - a maze, carved logs, that sort of thing.
 Another view from the top, of one of the adjacent hills, with its "desire path" made by sliding -
An aerial view, from the internet (source lost) -


Jane Housham said...

I knew nothing about these and now I do, thanks to you. I love the way they look on Google Maps.

Grooviemama said...

The view from my house across the valley where I live was changed in a similar way by the spoil from the channel tunnel. The change of view I can live with but the white chalk dust that came with it has invaded our village and no amount of dusting will eradicate it, you dust and it reappears before your eyes...such is progress, one step forward for industrial evolution and two steps back for mankind

Margaret Cooter said...

The endless white dust is fascinating ... as a concept ... but must be tedious in real life!