06 March 2013

Art I like - Elena Herzog

Elana Herzog is a New York based installation artist who also makes handmade paper and books. Her installations are disintegrations - fabrics stapled to the wall and then ripped off, for instance. The staples are used as a way of drawing, and even the flat wall pieces, through the freeing of the fabric, letting it come off the wall, become almost alive...
Untitled 2003; mixed fibers, metal staples, drywall, paint, plywood
18 x 20 inches (from here)
Untitled 2, 2001; cotton chenille bedspread, metal staples, drywall, plywood 
91.5 x 84 inches (image from here)
Of her first book project, Romantic Subtractions, she says:  " It is part of Collective Generation, a project of French publisher, Gervais Jassaud, for which he combines the work of a poet and a visual artist in a book that he has designed. I have made the artwork for 12 books that contain the poetry of Jerome Rothenberg. Each one is different and made by hand."
"The form of the book is a site to which I respond – a long and meandering one, in which each surface has two sides. The process of stapling materials to the page creates a different but corresponding image on each side of it."
shown in 2010; image from here
aha - double-sidedness again ... turn the page and ... see what has come through ...

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