02 March 2013

Quote for the day - Alechinsky

access his images here
"The deliberate expansion of means and methods does not automatically bring a new dimension of value." (Pierre

You don't see Alechinsky's work in the UK very often (though the Tate has eight of his works). I stumbled on his work at a show in the maritime museum in Paris about 20 years ago and immediately related to the way he breaks up the space into smaller spaces, using borders or "thumbnails". The shapes seem to be impetuous, immediate, impatient jottings; the colours can be wild. The output is prolific.

See some of his work, in chronological order, at poulwebb.blogspot.co.uk, from which these images are borrowed.
L'hiver, 1951
Borealite, 1971
Page d'atlas universell, 1984 (the series is derived from and printed on atlas pages)
La Mere noire, 1988-90
Les Aiguilles, 1996
La Quadrature, 2009

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

I really like this work- it reminds me a little of postage stamps a stack of them on an envelope- it always made me think of far away places and so does this work. Something that has been lost with our present day postage printed labels and of course the internet.