11 March 2013

Colour combinations

Grey, white, and yellow is probably my favourite colour combination. You see it a lot in the sky -
image from here
I've not yet used this combination in a quilt, or knitting, or anything - but I love to see it, for instance in this quilt
image from here
The way Tapies combines colours is instructive - neutrals with touches of yellow and red (the colours of the catalan flag) -

When doing "creative embroidery" all those years ago, the advice was to have some "spark" among the colours. Julia Caprara loved to add a strong turquoise -
image from here (2003)
and that idea made it into the "forest fantasy" pieces I was doing at the time -
For those sorts of colours, the painter of choice is Bonnard -
Sometimes coincidence reveals colours put together in congenial proportions -

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